Attestation of Documents




  • The Consulate General of India has no Agents for rendering these services and applicants should approach the Consulate directly, either in person or through mail.
  • This service is available at the Consulate General of India, 365 Bloor Street East, 7th floor, Toronto ON M4W 3L4.
  • There is no need to take an appointment. Applicants could visit the Consulate on any working day between 0900-1130 hrs (not on Saturdays/Sundays and closed holidays). The service will be on first come first serve basis.
  • The attested documents are delivered the same day between 1500-1600 hrs.
  • The Consulate reserves the right to reject attestation of documents the contents of which are objectionable or contrary to the Rules.


Commercial Documents: 
For attestation of commercial documents, the signature of Notary Public are required to be authenticated by the Ministry of Government Services, Ontario Government or by the designated authorities of the Province concerned.  A copy of the passport or any other identification document of the Director of the company is required.  An authority letter on behalf of the company is required in case it is submitted by any one else other than the Director of the company. 

C$ 80 per document

(Total fees + $2 Consular surcharge)

Requirements :


    • Fill in the application form ( click Misc Service Form to download).
    • Attach your original passport and a copy of its main pages.
    • If you are Indian passport holder attach copy of your PR card/Work or Study permit. Please note that incase your PR card is issued after 01.01.2015 a copy of landing paper is also required.
    • Attach original document which need to be attested alongwith  ONE  copy ( The document must be authenticated as per note at # below). (For attestation of commercial documents please click here)
    • Attach bank draft of C$18.00  drawn in favor of " Consulate General of India"  Cash, personal cheques or debit/credit cards are not accepted. Please note that the fee  C$18.00 is for one seal and signature , if you need seal and signature  on 2 or more pages the fee applicable will be C$18xnumber of pages. Example: If you need seal and signature on two pages fee applicable would be : C$18x 2=C$36.00. 
    • If you are applying by mail : You must ensure to read the note at the end of this page  and if eligible, enclose return prepaid envelope with your address and send the complete set of documents to:

Consulate General of India,

(Consular Section – Attestation)

365 Bloor Street East
Toronto ON M4W 3L4


#  PLEASE NOTE: That if the document ( such as Birth , death, educational, marriage, divorce certificates) is issued by authorities in India it must be attested by Ministry of External Affairs, New   Delhi. However, for attestation of documents such as copy of Indian passport/PAN Card form there is no need of attestation from Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi. 


AND All documents issued by Canadian authorities (such as Bank Statement, Passport, Driving Licence, Divorce/Marriage certificate etc) should be notarized and authenticated by the Ministry of Government Services, Ontario Government (address: 222 Jarvis Street, Main Floor, Toronto, M7A 0B6) or the concerned Provincial authorities before submitting it to the Consulate for attestation. Please note that divorce certificate must be both party divorce, ex -parte diviorce certificate will not be accepted for authentication.
Marriage/Divorce Certificates issued in Canada must be attested by Ministry of Government Services of Ontario, 222 Jarvis Street, Main Floor, Toronto, Tel: 416-325-8416. Applicants are informed that ex-party divorce is not acceptable. Further it is also clarified that even in case of mutually or mutually properly contested cases also an application must be submitted by applicants at the competent Indian civil court in India and a declaratory order authenticating and confirming that the foreign divorce decree is in accordance with Indian law must be obtained by the applicants.


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Processing Time:


  • In person: Same day (delivery of attested documents between 1500-1600 hrs.)
  • By mail: 3 (three) business days excluding the time taken in mail.




All concerned may please be informed that NO ATTESTATION SEVICES shall be given by postal service to applicant residing in the Greater Toronto Area.


Applicants from Greater Toronto Area (GTA) will have to come in person for attestation at the Consulate premises for attestation of documents and attestation, if all documents are complete, will be done at the same time. It is also to highlight that no documents shall be accepted through agent or their courier service and consulate will not be responsible if they are misplaced at any stage. Consulate General of India, Toronto, do not authorize any agent service and if any person is found to be accepting documents on behalf of Consulate at any place of our jurisdiction then legal action shall be initiated against him. Therefore, applicants are advised not to avail any agent service for any consular work and before approaching consulate office for attestation or any other service please read our requirements on website carefully. In case there is still something that needs clarification you can write to the officer concerned.


No attestation service is done or authorised at any other place except at the premises of Consulate General of India, Toronto. For any attestation of documents in India no agency in Canada is authorized to accept documents and any attestation done through any local agency here shall be termed as illegal and documents will stand forfeited. Those who cannot come due to any medical condition may send doctor’s certificate and authorize only their family member in writing with his/her proper identity document enclosed.