Police Clearance

Passport Services - Police Clearance

Application for Police Clearance Certificate is to be submitted at  BLS International's centres in person or mailed to:

Brampton: 20 Gillingham Drive,
Unit 701 ON L6X 5A5
Phone: +1-416 307 2237
Email: brampton@blsindia-canada.com

( You may laso visit BLS international website www.blsindia-canada.com )


  1. Application form duly filled in.
  2. Current Indian passport with valid immigration papers or Canadian passport in original and photocopy.
  3. Fees: C$ 36/-(Fee C$ 34  + C$2 Consular surcharge) + C$ 7.40 as BLS charges with tax.

Processing Time: In some cases issue of Police Clearance Certificate requires reference to authorities in India . In such cases Consulate can issue PCC only on receipt of clear police report from authorities in India and it  may take more than 30 days. The Consulate would communicate to the applicant once the report is received and PCC is ready for collection/pick-up. In all other cases in which refernce is not required PCC will be issued in 8 -10 working days.