Re-issue of passport to children

Children of the age upto 15yrs are issued with 5yrs validity passport.


  1. Fill in online passport registration form at which will generate a PDF file.
  2. Take print out of the online application form (PDF file) and ensure that specimen signatures of child also of parents are affixed in the space provided. In case  child who cannot sign,  thumb impression (left thumb for male child and right of female child) in the space provided for this purpose.
  3. Existing passport (original) of the child along with self attested/signed photocopies of its first five pages and last page.

    Original Passports of both the parents are required to be shown at the time of submission of application for issue of Passport for a child and self-attested photocopies of Passports of both parents are also required to be submitted along with the application form for the minor child's Passport.
  4. For a child with single parent, a sworn Affidavit stating about legal custody/reason for being single parent and taking legal responsibility for any dispute in future from other parent to be filled .
  5. Four color photographs with white background showing full frontal view of the face of size 2 inch x 2 inch).
  6. Original PR Card with a self attested photocopy (both sides). Please note that incase your PR card is issued after 01.01.2015 a copy of landing paper is also required. Where applicant is not a PR, current immigration documents (e.g. student ID, Work permit etc.) with a self attested photocopy thereof are to be submitted. If the applicant is a student, details of educational institution, along with period of study is required. In case of work permit holder details of employer and period of employment is required.
  7. If the passport has expired for more than three years, the applicant/parents is/are required to submit an Affidavit in the prescribed format (please see forms) stating non acquisition of Canadian or any other nationality /Search Letter from the Canadian authorities that they have not acquired Canadian citizenship.
  8. Fee CAD 69.00 ( Fee CAD 67 + CAD 2 Consular surcharge -for a 36-page booklet) + BLS C$ 7.40 including tax
  9. Personal appearance before Consular officer required in case of change in appearance.
  10. For Lost/damaged passports, please see requirements listed separately.